Cases and stories

It is in the process, the product design, and the material specification that you define the keys to success. The machine must guarantee the sufficient condition control that allows a repetitive and stable process that maximizes the output and minimizes the energy consumption.


Cellulose dry forming

Our customer, an innovation pioneer within dry forming technology; to create a 3D moulded shape without dissolving the cellulose in water. Dry forming represent the viable alternative to plastic packaging through competitive production cost, fully renewable raw materials and resource-efficient production.

The dry forming process is a combination of airlaid formation and fast pressing. The two technology platforms create a single clean process line with minimal water and energy use, resulting in minimized CO2 emissions.

By combining Fimtechs experience and competence from the disposable hygiene products industry together with new, innovative production techniques, the unique Yangi gen 3 machine technology platform has been developed enabling to ramp-up an efficient industrial production. Read more about the project.

Milk pouch

Lightweight drink pouch

For about 2 decades have we been involved in technology development and industiralization of new production methods for a pioneer in the market for light weight standup pouches for the diary and bevarage market.


Industial weaving machine

Together with our customer, a market leader in its segmet, we have further developed and verified the consepts for a new industrial tape weawing machine for spread tow fabrics.

Mono-dose applicator

We helped develop this patented product and the production fasility for this versatile flat pad available in a broad selection of designs for hygienic dispensing and application of any liquid or powder. The pad hygienically dispenses and applies an endless variety of products. Single, dual, or multi-chamber designs make it a snap to properly mix or activate solutions.

Viking Arm a multi tool

Product development

Fimtech has over the years contributed with mechanical development work and design of a wide selection of single products. For some products we take the idea, find a sutable technical solution, do the design, produce a prototype, design and perform qualification tests, refine the design and help find and validate suppliers for series production. And we can even help our customer with assebliy and production in our fasilities.  A good example for this is the VikingArm.

And much more …

Our experience comes from the development and construction of diaper, tampons and sanitary napkins machines. The most sophisticated machines, are still, after 25 years later, producing 1000 diapersa minute. We build to last!