The journey from a customer challenge to a machine that’s up and running is one of discovery, collaboration, and innovation.

We have, over the years, worked with many customers from different industries. This has given us the insight to discover synergies between very competent, but at the same time, very specialized technologies.

“A challenge is not a roadblock but rather an opportunity for improvement and growth.”

Inline absorbent pad applicator

for the food industry

It all started a few years back when we were asked to help a customer develop an inline applicator to weld absorbent pads onto the top film in their thermoforming packaging line. We decided to cut the pads from roll material and re-pitched them when transferring them to the weld section. The result was cheaper pad material, fewer handling and manual operations, but best of all it improved precision and repeatability and eliminated rejected packages due to pads ending up in the weld zone. A real success story for our customer!

Now we have developed additional two pad applicators for less complex, more standard thermoforming packaging lines that you now also can take advantage of. So what fits your needs? The Cut, Place and Weld Applicator (CPW), the Cut and Place Applicator (CP), or the Cut and Drop applicator (CD)?

Cut, Place and Weld on Topfilm

Absorbing pad applicator

Cut and Place in Tray

Absorbing pad applicator

Cut and Drop in Tray

Absorbing pad applicator

Push & Dose

Perfect sprinkling from a flexible pouch

Milk pouch