Absorbent pad applicator Cut & Place

Small Pads to smal trays

Cut & Place pad applicator

Our versatile Cut & Place module designed for seamless integration with your thermoforming packaging

The pads are precision-cut from rolls and automatically placed in trays. Just a small working surface is required. Our module is easy to clean, have low maintenance and provides a reliable solution that optimizes human resources and increases product quality and production yield.

pad on film 3D

Main features

  • Up to 12 strokes per minute (pad lengths up to 500mm)
  • High speed, fully automated machinery
  • Supports multiple tray & pad configurations
  • Utilizes roll fed material
  • Easy maintenance
  • Supports food grade cleaning

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Small Pads to smal trays

Flexible & Modular

The applicator cuts efficiently one or more pads and seamlessly transfers them to the tray in a continuous motion. This process is facilitated by smoothly moving the pads from the cutting station into the tray. By changing the pad roll width and define a new length in the operators panel, the applicator accommodates the production of various tray sizes on the same production line.

The compact design of the Cut & Place applicator allows for easy integration into any existing thermoforming packaging machine. All movements solely by pneumatics and constructed from durable stainless steel, it is a dependable, low-maintenance unit suitable for food-safe environments.


Main benefits

  • Cost savings by replacing manual operations
  • Cost savings with no need for pre-cut absorbent pads
  • Cost saving as yield improves due to an exact placement of each pad
  • Cost savings due to less bespoke pre-cut pads to manage/stock
  • Easy integrationinto existing production lines
  • Improved food safety by limiting manual handling of pads