We join our customers creating values

Up our sleeve we have a broad variation of tools and solutions to offer based on decades spent within different market segments. We like to think of ourselves as pretty good at what we have not done before as well, as we are a team of passionate and a bit nerdy engineers, with multi-disciplined experience and a workshop floor next to the office desk.

“The journey from a customer challenge to a machine that’s up and running is one of discovery, collaboration, and innovation.”

The Machine
    phase one

A well performed prestudy is to our experience the quickest, yet most reliable way to get to The Machine adapted to your exact needs. The prestudies objective is to develop a  specification and highlight the technology concepts of The Machine, including estimates on cost and delivery time. Normally we split the prestudy phase in 3:

Step 1
-Understand the Product to be produced on The Machine
-Agree on core principles/ technologies to use
-Look for main project challenges and risks

Step 2
-Agree on the specification and capacity of The Machine
-Map out possible strategical partners and sub-suppliers

Step 3
-Fimtech present a detailed Cost estimate and a Project plan for The Machine

it is all about synchronization

The Machine
    phase two

To design and build The Machine, including installation and starting up we have quite a lot of exiting, but also laborious, work to get done. We normally propose these key activities:

Concept Design
-Establish process specification
-High Level 3D modelling of The Machine
-Low Level Design of critical units
-Possible testing of critical processes
-Start to work with key suppliers

Detail Design
-Detailed Level Design of Mechanical parts and Electrical details

Machine building at Fimtech
-Inquiry and procurement
-Software design
-Machine assembly

Machine testing at Fimtech
-Machine start-up and functional testing – FAT

Installation and test-run at customer

Competencies &
tools we use


  • Inventor
  • Vault
  • FEM analysis


  • PLC
  • HMI
  • Vision
  • Servos


  • Elecrical design
  • Short circuit- and load flow analysis
  • Safety calculations