We make high-speed production lines for innovative products

Our expertise provides you with reliable production technology and innovative solutions that enhance your business opportunities and competitive edge!


Fimtech is a turnkey supplier of custom-made advanced production lines with special competence within web converting technologies.

Since 2001, we have executed a number of multidisciplinary projects, from concept to installation, of innovative machines and production lines for the industry.

With our hands-on approach, we have successfully undertaken improvement work and upgrades on existing machines and production lines. Do you only need to align a few rollers? No task is too small, and no challenge is too daunting for us to handle!


A typical Fimtech customer is a pioneer within its field that challenges the conventional, or just requires the most advanced production technology, often beyond standard catalogue solutions.

Customers come to us when their product requires to develop a new manufactoring process, when they desire an increased machine output or when the cusomer needs to improve product and productions quality

At Fimtech we love a challenge that forces us to think outside the box.


Fimtech gave the world “Push & Dose” – the perfect sprinkling experience from a light-weight flexible pouch! Ideated, developed and commercialized by Fimtech, based on our in-depth know-how in material technology, product development and production technology.

We have developed a range of absorbent pad applicators to be used inline on any thermoforming packaging machine for the food industry. This product range was initiated by a customer who wanted to challange the established way of presenting its freshest premium salmon cut in supermarkets. Based on the success of this advanced pad applicator, we later developed a few more applicators, to improve also the more conventional “pad in tray” solution.


At Fimtech we are always interested to get in contact with those who share our passion and interest for technics and machine building. If you are an experienced, creative and innovative engineer looking for new challenges, do not hesitate to contact us!



Dry formed fiber packaging.
Yangi completes a new machine platform in strategic collaboration with Fimtech.

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Helping a neighbor

During a few intensive months at the end of 2020, Sfactor installed a completely new production line for respiratory face masks in Tønsberg.

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VikingArm a multi-tool

The inventors of VikingArm hired Fimtech for assistance to transform their brilliant idea into a strong, durable and functional precision tool.

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