We identify your opportunities for improvements

When new technology, innovative processes and sustainable materials are requested in a project, that is when we shine at most. Bigger the challenge, higher is our motivation!
But at Fimtech we also commit to a job done 100%. With perfection in 3D modelling, production drawings and specifications down to the very detail. We can offer risk assessments, CE documentation, mounting and maintenance instructions, spare part catalogues and other regulatory deliverables requested. Not to forget, we design, produce, optimize and install at customer the machine or a complete production line.


Fimtech provides engineering services to the industry in a wide range of areas. We have specialist expertise in many technical areas and offers everything from concept studies to design and delivery of complete production machinery.
We are also available for smaller or bigger consultancy assignments within electrical and mechanical design, or calculations. Or maybe you want to reverse engineer a product or a production line?
When you have a great idea for a product, let us tell you some of our success stories. We have helped customers with product development, prototyping, product qualification testing, and even purchase and production of a first production series. Its not necessarily always a machine to be made.


Most modern production and process industry is today highly automated, with complex systems to deliver on productivity, reliability and safety. Fimtech have extensive experience with integration of many technologies, and we work closely with our suppliers to keep ourselves up to date. We can deliver efficient systems that makes you keep track of your production, using sensors and vision cameras. Let us program your control panels and prepare your production and diagnostics reports.

We design and supply everything from turnkey systems to conversion and modernization of existing systems.

Fimtech Analytics

Service, maintenance and improvement work is what we like to categorize as “Fimtech Analytics”. You contact us when your machine is not functioning optimal, you need to increase its efficiency, when it is hard to get spare parts or other similar preoccupations.

We often help to map out the customers options already after a first visit by one of our senior engineers. But sometimes it is required a multi-disciplined team that digs into it a bit deeper. Our experience is that lessons learned in one market, allows us to see opportunities and solutions across different markets and technologies.

Contact us when you need assistants, have “tried it all”, or when you look for a second opinion.

Machine Building

Fimtech is an experienced machine builder by hart. We have 6000 sqm shop floor available for machine building, with possibilities to enlarge this space when required.

Our premises allow us to run full functional machine testing before installation on site. We can even offer to set it up for production and run the machine for a given period. The biggest single machine delivery out of our premises, was a production line dis assembled and fitted into 8 off 40-HighCube containers, with a net weight of 67,8 metric ton.

We have our own Push & Dose production machine standing in a “food safe” classified area, and run by our own engineers and operators.

For a few customers have built dedicated and isolated areas within our premises. Our ability to be very discrete and protect our customers confidentialities have been vital in many of our projects. Secrecy is in our dna!

Reach further
Never stop

Fimtech makes your production run fast forward with “handshake” sensor technology, avoiding start&stop and pick&place bottlenecks while securing the product quality.

Short list of
key competences

– Rotating machine units for cutting, stretching, transfer
– Lamination and welding by glue, ultrasonic and heat welding
– Conveying and transport systems
– Unwinders, infeed units and tension control for low tension materials
– Transmissions as gears, timing belts, couplings etc.
– Valves and hydraulics
– Advanced use of various motor and servo control systems
– PLC systems with fast applications and advanced algorithms
– Control of many machines units in one production line
– HMI systems incl. alarm handling
– Advanced analytics and production statistics