VikingArm a multi-tool

and how Fimtech helped to develop their product.

The inventors of VikingArm hired Fimtech for assistance to transform their brilliant idea into a strong, durable and functional precision tool. An innovative tool, so unique that it qualified to be patented, and now quickly is gaining success in all corners of the world.

Fimtech’s assignment was to take the concept and turn it into a high-quality product, easy to produce in large numbers. The job covered all aspects of the design process; from studies to development of the final technical solution, finite strength analysis (FEM), material selection, 3D and 2D production, prototyping, functionality and durability testing, supplier selection and assistance during the first production series.

Viking Arm a multi tool

The people at Fimtech has a high level of technical understanding in their search for good practical solutions. It’s a team we trust to find the optimal solution within agreed framework. This trust is important to quickly achieve the goals set in the project. Fimtech has been a key contributor in making VikingArm the reliable quality product it is.

Øivind Resch

Founder and CEO, Viking Arm

VikingArm is a handy tool that helps you lift, press and tighten with precision and control when installing, but not only… It allows Mr. Fixit to perform jobs by himself that before was both difficult and time consuming when working alone.

VikingArm is now a business and a brand of its own, but also labeled Würth and distributed through their world wide network. To find out more please visit our friends at:

And the story
continues …..

Now that VikingArm is out on the market living its successful “life of fame”, Fimtech is still involved in the continuous product improvement process, development of accessories to the VikingArm and the making of a very exciting “spinoff” for a completely different market.