A pioneer in dry forming technology

Yangi explore new ideas and challenge the existing value chain behind our everyday products. Replacing plastic at scale with natural fibers has become their mission. With more than a decade of experience and insights from working with both wet and dry cellulose-based processes, their ground breaking technology for dry forming technology is now to be rolled out, and scaled up.

“The need for sustainable solutions are urgent, and Yangi shall pave the way for a future of renewable everyday packaging choices.”

In a strategic collaboration with Fimtech, Yangi is now completing the “state of the art”  machine platform, for 24/7-manufacturing of dry formed fiber packaging. Combining Yangi’s dry forming know-how with Fimtech’s broad experience from building highly innovative machinery, we are together developing a unique machine technologynamed “Cellera”, targeting world class performance levels.

A ground-breaking new technology for recyclable cellulose rigid packaging, making it possible to go directly from cellulose pulp into ready-made packaging in one machine line with minimal water and less energy use.


Scandinavian forest
Together with Fimtech, which has a unique background and competence in machine building, we are now laying the foundation for a reliable industrial machine platform that will enable us to deliver dry forming at scale
Johann Kaiser

CEO, Yangi